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 Kushies Clearance Sale

Do you want to save thousands of dollars??

Over a period of 2 1/2 years you will go through 7500 diaper changes with will cost you approx $2500 using disposable nappies.

Kushies Washable Diapers, made in Canada!

Think 100% cotton, this is great for your baby,the enviroment and saves you heaps.

We have a few options of re-usable diapers:        

Basic, Classic or Ultra, these come in two sizes:

- infant 4-10kg

- toddler 10-22kgs

Training pants also available for potty training.

Receive 30% OFF normal retail price!!


 Welcome to Global Baby

  Global Baby offer a large range of EUROPEAN DESIGNED products.

We directly import an exclusive range of top brands including BeSafe, Mutsy, Casual Play, Kiddy, Geuther and Brevi.

We specialise in Travel with Carseats, convertible rear/forward facing, isofix or non isofix and impact shields options. Plus we offer a range of capsules, reclining capsules and boosters. All our carseats meet European safety standards ECE 44/04. Before any carseat purchase we would like to make sure it suits your baby's age, weight, height and your car. With parking at the back of our store our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the correct carseat.

All of our Strollers have 4 wheels for better stability, with the options of reversible seat, carrycot/bassinett(pram) and capsule creating a travel system. We also offer dou solutions and twin strollers.

New Zealand made Solvej swings for baby and toddler swings are locally produced by Holmsater.

Other baby products include, highchairs that grow with your child, baby clothes, Kushies washable nappies/diapers, pregnancy seatbelt, baby baths gifts and accessories to suits your baby's needs.


 Feeding  Strollers & Carseats

 Bath Time
 Bed Time

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